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  • UDISE Code : 22040907904
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  • Mon-Sat 9:00 Am to 16:00 Pm
  • Rajghatta, Kharsia - 496661 (C.G.)

About Us


R.M.& Sumitra Education

Kharsia, School was established in the year 2016. School emphasizes on the overall development of the child through age- appropriate learning experiences, preparing them thoroughly for the next stage of their education.

School ensures that children a effectively and efficiently as possible in caring and friendly environment. Equal consideration is given to social, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. Here children are very well equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Parents aspire to provide the best of learning opportunities to their children, a firm foundation in knowledge and skills enduring values. Parents therefore integral to realization of our goals and their overwhelming trust in what we do, has always been a great inspiration.

From the desk of Director & Founder



(Director& Founder)

“Warm regards to all the parents & loving children. Every child is potentially the light of world, but can also be the causes of darkness. Where the question of an education must be accounted as primary importance! A modern school must take force act as light house of Society, providing meaningful education, spiritual education, guidance and leadership to it’s students, parents and society. Hence with the great guidance of my father Late. Rajmohan Thakur

I have taken a step to build ACADEMIC BRIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL! Let our children come, and let him learn to face the challenges of life…….

“Live with Effort and Motivation” is the motto of our school. We train our children to use efforts and courage as to sharpen their personalities. Our goals of education are dynamic and infinite.

What we do


ACADEMIC BRIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL creates a climate of encouragement for every child. We give child careful, friendly and unique idea for learning design. Also latest invention technic equipments and highly trained staff of loving and dedicated Teachers. Indoors & Outdoor games, Audio Visual Shows & field trips for all round development of the children.

ABPS is an institution where great minds discuss the holistic development of every student, equip them with knowledge skill and values to be unique and exemplary. We except from the parents to become our partner in our progress and change that we foresee in their most valuable possession i.e. their child.

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